Text by Nick Capone

   Well, another year has come and gone since I last wrote my report on AeroFest ‘03. How quickly time flies bye! This year AeroFest ‘04 was scheduled for Saturday, April 3rd. For those of you that attended, I‘m sure you departed our field with one memorable experience. For those that could not participate in this festivity, you missed out on one of the best events the Aero-Modelers of Perrine (AMPS) conducted. After all, this is the AMPS showcase event, with our officers and members devoting countless hours for its success.

This year would be different – in many aspects. Not only do we have a brand-spanking new shelter to shade ourselves from South Florida’s intense sunrays, but enjoyed the luxury of flying from a runway that was absolutely impeccable. Thanks to the efforts of our field engineer Frank Drewniany, both runways were in superb condition. Frank’s dedication and patience throughout the duration of his “three-year plan” became evident on this special weekend – a weekend all AMPS members should be proud of. R/C Pilots from throughout the state commented on the quality of the runways and our facility in general. In fact, four pilots that regularly fly at the Markham Park field will now be joining AMPS to take advantage of our flying site and what we have to offer.

The other individual that had a huge influence on the success of AeroFest ‘04 and one that couldn’t attend due to work demands is Mike Hunt. Mike’s efforts were monumental because he was solely responsible for having that iron albatross called “the farmer’s sprinkler” moved! Yes. How many times have we all wished to see that crusty obstacle relocated, at least for this day? Sure enough, it was. Now all we need is for our farming neighbor to remain considerate and leave it parked away from the flying pattern. Wouldn’t that be special!

That day has come. The day which AMPS Event Coordinators eagerly anticipated - Saturday, AeroFest ‘04 has finally arrived! The field is prepared, food purchased, drinks iced, public address system operational, Port O’ Johns in place, and event volunteers have their assignments.

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