On the weekend of April 6th and 7th the Aero Modelers of Perrine hosted the 7th annual Big Bird Fly-In at their south Florida flying field in southwest Miami. This two-day event attracted 29 pilots flying 36 airplanes, from the Greater South Florida area, with one pilot coming from as far away as Sun City, Arizona.

The event was blessed with typical south Florida weather, which included lots of sunshine and temperatures in the low 80’s. Although strong winds prevailed all weekend, it did not deter the flying. The pilots were all highly proficient and handled the winds without difficulty. There were several Warbird gaggles flown each day, with up to five birds in the air at one time. It was exciting to see the scale WW II planes dog fighting and making strafing runs at the field. Several were equipped with dummy bombs, which were accurately dropped on the runway.

During the lunch break, each day, the pilots allowed spectators to enter the pits, view their planes up close and ask questions. On Saturday, a full size Super Cub made a slow pass over the field and dropped fifteen pounds of candy on the runway. The kids, young and old, had a ball running and picking it up.

The grand finale was on Sunday afternoon, when the seventeen-foot wingspan DC 10 flew. The plane weighed 52 pounds and was powered by two Ram 1000 turbine engines. High winds proved to be no problem for the pilot, as he made a spectacular take off and flight with a picture perfect landing.