GusGarcia.jpg Welcome to AMPS all inclusive Heli Corner, first let me thank the club officials for allowing us heli nuts our own little section on the AMPS website, and for showcasing all things RC model helicopters. Secondly let me thank all you heli members beforehand on what I’m sure will be a lot of support with this endeavor on our ongoing efforts to further promote and generate more helicopter interest at a really cool flying facility – AMPS!

Want more tech stuff, you got it, how about radio set-up, have it your way, engine tuning anyone? Now serving customer # 20, crashes and repairs – ouch! (ok maybe we won’t talk about that). Want to see tons of pictures, how to’s, reviews, interviews with local club members? Sure why not? There are a million stories out there, and yours is probably the best one yet – or not! But hey we still enjoy them anyway, right guys? anyone, anyone at all? How about ideas on improving relations between rotor wing, and fixed wing enthusiasts, can’t we all just get along (come on, let’s sing a song together). But seriously, this is our time to come out of the closet (Okay, lets rephrase that) to shine (yeah that’s better)! So let me get things started, and I thought what better way to do so than to start a new project, and show its progress from start to finish, so here we go, I hope you enjoy it – Gus.