Guest flyers must be sponsored by an active AMPS member who must be present and is responsible for the guest observing all AMPS and AMA rules. The guest must be an active AMA member. Guest privileges are limited to a maximum of three visits, after three visits the guest must become an AMPS member. Guests cannot change sponsors in order to gain additional flight time.

All flying guests must be registered with the board of directors prior to EACH visit to the AMPS field. The sponsoring AMPS member must contact a member of the board of directors and supply the name and AMA number of their flying visitor.

Please contact a board member to make reservations or to inform of violations

   Tony Fandino,  Bill Bishop  or  Mauricio Figuroa

Name & AMA # Visit Dates # Visits Last Visited
Sergio O Cantador Sr. AMA# 953635 4/02/2016 1
Sergio Velasquez AMA# 916052 10/14/2016 1
Bob Knight AMA# 770148 10/01/2016 1 10/01/2016
Franco Dimauro AMA# 896102 2/6/2016 3 2/6/2016
Hector Ruiz AMA# 769326 09/18/2016 1 09/18/2016