2015 Amps Aerobatics Challenge

   Another Aerobatics Challenge is in the books. Feb 28th and March 1st we hosted the 2015 Aerobatics Challenge at our flying field. The pilots started arriving on Friday for practice in anticipation of the competition to be held over the weekend. The weather forecast for the weekend defiantly had a negative effect on pilot turn out for our event, but those that braved the trip to our wonderful flying field would not be disappointed. On Saturday the day was overcast with a forecast for showers all day, and a stiff breeze from the southeast at about 15mph. The day remained this way all morning and afternoon, while most of metro Miami got pounded with heavy rains. We did experience a small rain delay, but it only lasted about 20 min. 21 Pilots ended up competing but one of them lost his plane early on Saturday and was knocked out of the competition. The crowd turnout was low due to the rain everywhere else, but at our field the rain stayed away for the most part. The Miami Herald had us in the neighbors section the weekend before, here is a link to the online version - http://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/community/miami-dade/community-voices/article10632413.html .

   We started by flying Unlimited and Sportsman first and followed with the remainder of the classes. The atmosphere was casual and relaxed as the pilots did not feel the pressure to get a large amount of pilot rounds completed in a short amount of time. Everyone flew two rounds of their known sequences, while some of the classes started on their third round. We all stopped flying at 4:00pm to have a pilots meeting and a raffle giveaway. Many great prizes where handed out to all the pilots. At the end of the pilots meeting I handed out the unknowns for the next day, and drew the pilot order for the next day as well.

   Sunday started with some very sad news, Roly’s dad had been admitted to the hospital during the night and Roly would have to leave to be with him, our prayers were with him and his dad. What a conundrum! Fortunately I had some great volunteers who really stepped up to the plate and went above and beyond the call of duty. They manned the kitchen and parking with great pride and devotion to the cause; I am so proud of these guy’s, the way they stepped up and got the job done. It was not an easy day by no means. At 9:00am the cars of spectators started arriving and it was clear to see that we would have a much better day than the day before. The pilots started the flying with their unknowns and this continued till about 11:30. Then we started flying the remainder of the class’s 3rd round known. Flying concluded at about 1:00 where we were then treated to a beautiful 3d helicopter flight demo by our own Andre who really wowed the crowd with his talents. Afterwards he proceeded to demo for us his high speed helicopter displaying speeds of over 150mph. Wow! We then raffled off a Real Flight G-7 simulator graciously donated by Hobbico. The pictures of the event and the winners are on our website – http://amps-rc.com/infobar/featured-articals/2015/ . I want to thank all our volunteers for their selfless dedication during the event. Till the next one ….

   Contest results - http://amps-rc.com/amps-news/2015-amps-aerobatics-challenge-results/