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The Grand Lady of the Skies Gets New Life By Roger Gonzalez

The Douglas DC3 is perhaps one of the most recognizable airplanes of all time. Its 75 year old design is so efficient, and reliability so legendary, is still in service all around the world. It still delivers supplies to remote jungles; it provides services to hunting and fishing lodges, landing at times on frozen lakes somewhere in the middle of Alaska. No environment to harsh...

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Corsair      By Rene Alvarez

My latest contest model is a Meister-Scale 1/5 scale (100 inch wingspan) of the famous Corsair. This is a build from plans, which it was only a Sport Scale model, meaning no flaps, operational canopy, gear retract and the horizontal and vertical stabs were flat, meaning not airfoil contours...

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My FoKKer D - VIII               By Buck Buchanan

I recently returned to my home in Northern Virginia in order to have a new hip installed on my left side.  It seems the original equipment had finally worn out.  Several months ago, my oldest son and his family had moved to a new home and he was ‘cleaning out’ some of his older, unused in a while, stuff.  One of the items...

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