Emergency Club Meeting

  As you may be aware, Anthony “Tony” Fandino has resigned his position as AMPS President. As Vice President of AMPS I am assuming the position of Acting President effective immediately. This will allow our club to continue functioning until December when formal elections can be conducted. 

AMPS operations will continue as normal. There are several issues that must be addressed in the short term for which I am calling an emergency membership meeting for Saturday, September 30, 2017 at 11:00 AM at the field.

We want to thank a group of members that yesterday got together and temporarily fixed the main shelter’s back wall and cleaned the area of debris. I have also been told that another group will be installing the pit shelter canopies sometime this week. Thank you in advance.


William “Bill” Bishop, Acting President


Minutes from last meeting: Last Metting

Minutes from the emergency meeting: Emergency Meeting Minutes