Campaign Statements

Mauricio Figueroa:

Did not submit a campaign statement, but feels his work speaks for itself. He has been the Club treasurer for the last 5 years.

Roger Gonzalez:

My name is Roger Gonzalez and I am running for Treasurer of your beloved club.

I’ve been a member of AMPS since 1986, in those 31 years I’ve seen our club evolved into not just the best flying facility in Florida but also a family friendly place to come relax and enjoy our camaraderie. However in the past couple of years under the past administration everything that made our club what it was has disappeared.

Wrongful spending and ridiculous budgetary restraints has deteriorated our facility, a dictatorial board mentality has eroded all that AMPS stood for, we are no longer the family friendly place we all came to enjoy with our friends, and because of that we continue to loose members placing an even further strain on our budgetary goals, AMPS is not a business venture is a social club and need to run as such.

We face many challenges but we are turning a new page, the new nominated Board is committed to meet those challenges and restore our club to its former glory by bringing back everything that made our club the pride and joy of all its members.

I’m asking for your vote on this elections, as a 31 year veteran of this club I know the changes needed to restored a balance budget and bring fiscal responsibility to our club, please help me and our new President, Vice President and Secretary met our goals of bring our club back to its former glory, by voting for me as your new Treasurer I can help our newly nominated team reach those goals.


Roger Gonzalez


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