Attention all AMPS members ! If you have not received your credentials to be able to log into the website please contact Tony and let him know.

Amp's News and Events ...

Emergency Club Meeting

Emergency Club Membership Meeting Sat. Sept. 30

Pet rule change approved

Pet rule change approved !

Art Silver Passes Away

Long time president Art Silver Passed away.

2017 AeroFest

2017 AeroFest gathering of Giant Scale RC airplanes

Weekly Mowing Schedule

Monday None    
Tuesday Runways/Outside Areas & Parking lot    Morning/Afternoon
Wednesday TBD    
Thursday Runways  Jeff  When he can
Friday Around shelters   Morning/Afternoon
Saturday  None    
Sundays Outside Areas/ Runways   Morning/Afternoon









Note: Fertilizer and herbicide is applied when the weather conditions allow application. Application of Fertilizer is done monthly. Herbicide is applied about every three weeks. Insecticide is applied bi monthly.


Special Message to all our members

Important:  All members are to wear they're AMPS ID or have it on their person. Do not be offended if another member asks to see your AMPS ID, this is just a way to make sure that only AMPS members are using our facilities. As of March 1st any member that does not have his AMPS ID with him or her will not be allowed to fly. Only Members with their current AMPS ID will be allowed to fly.

   Please do not fuel your airplanes in the grass areas! Please used the covered areas, or if you are flying turbines, use the turbine starting area. Please help us take care of our field. Many hours of hard work from our volunteers goes into making our field what it is. Please show consideration to this fact. Also please use your catch bottles to catch any fuel overflow during and after fueling, but especially when moving your aircraft around over the grass areas. It only takes a few drops to cause damage and contamination.

Thank you

12/19/2015 - Board of Directors for 2017

Board of directors for 2017 will be:

President: Anthony Fandino

Vice President: Bill Bishop

Treasurer: Mauricio Figueroa

Secretary: Carlos Silva

AMPS website reminder ...

   A reminder to all our members, you should have received an email from with your username and login information. You must be logged in, to be able to access the special member areas designed just for you. If you have not received the email, first check your junk mail folder. If its not there, then send Tony an email letting him know that you did not received it.

A reminder from the Board of Directors - Guest pilots at the field

Guest fliers must be pre-registered in order to fly at our field. If you want to bring a guest pilot to the field, you must contact one of the board members (Tony Bill or Mauricio) and make sure that your guest is registered. Failure to do so will result in a field rules violation and could jeopardize your membership. As always, your guest MUST be AMA member and you MUST be present while they are flying.

Special message from the Board of Directors - Courtesy to field workers

There will be no flying of model aircraft while the runways are being mowed. When you see the mower on the runway, all flying is to stop. The person doing the mowing should not have to ask any pilot to stop flying in order to mow. The mowing personnel have been instructed to fill out grievance forms against any person who does not cooperate.

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Short Video of our flying site ...

Short Video from one of our members......



Very cool Aircraft slide show.

Click here

02/28/2015 & 03/01/2015 - Amps Aerobatics Challenge

The 2015 AMPS Aerobatics Challenge the full story

2015 AMPS Aerobatics Challenge


12/10/2014 - 2014 AeroFest

2014 AMPS AeroFest was held on December 6th 2014. This has to be one of the most memorable AeroFest events that the AMPS has ever hosted. 40 pilots attended with a large contingent of turbine models that kept the crowd mesmerized with some of the most realistic flying you can witness. Over 160 car loads of people came into our venue to watch the show.

Pictures by: Alex Romeu

Pictures by: Christian Baradit

Pictures by: Patric Desfayes

10/26/2014 - October AMPS Members at 12 O'Clock High in Lakeland FL

Mark Armbrust, Vicar Hernandez, Rene Alvarez and Mike Ball attended the October 24th & 25th, 2014 event. Mark's C-47 was selected to appear in a future issue of Model Airplane News, Vicar's Wilga was honored with the Best Civilian award and Rene's Corsair was presented the Critic's Choice trophy.


05/30/2014  MPPA Annual Warbirds Show - AMPS Members get recognized for their models.

This was the first annual Markham Park Pilots Association Warbirds Show. Two of our members participated and won plaques for their planes. Mark Ambrust flew his Ziroli C47 and was awarded Most Scale Aircraft, Best Overall-Pilots Choice and Best Built Up Aircraft. The Most Scale WW I Aircraft was given to Chris Feige for his Bucker Jungmann.


5/27/2014 - 2014 Ospreys Fun Fly and Swap Meet

A group of members attended the 2014 Ospreys Swap Meet and Fun Fly. There were many bargains to be had and the flying was excellent. The Ospreys are always great hosts and put on a great show.


05/01/2014 - New Web Site Section - The Builder's Corner

This section is dedicated to show case building projects by our members. We start with three sets of articles published in our newsletter over the last few months. It includes the building of a DC-3 being converted to a Basler BT67, an incredibly detailed Corsair and a stick and paper FoKKer D-VIII.

  If you wish to submit a project, please send it to or

The Builder's Corner

4/26/2014 - A group of AMPS members attend the 2014 Sarasota Fly In

Butch Wenrich (Vice President), Mark and John Ambrust and Vicar Hernandez attended the 2014 Sarasota Fly In. They travelled over 3 hours to visit with friends Thomas and Merlyn and attend the event.


03/12/2014 - Roly and a group of members attend the 2014 Florida Jets

A group of AMPS members attended the 2014 Florida Jets. The group consisted of Roly Hernandez, JC Alvarez, Pablo Fernandez, Albert Fortgang, Raul Garcia, Andy Benitez and Jimmy Garcia. Some of them flew in the event and other were there just to have a great time...


02/17/2014 - 2014 AMPS Aerobatics Challenge - Three days of IMAC fun

The AMPS Aerobatics Challenge was celebrated this past Saturday & Sunday, February 15 & 16, 2014 but the fun started on Friday with most of the pilots showing up to the field to practice. Check for photos by clicking on the links below.

Event Photos     The Event Review